What I Saw: The Chaos, Colour, and Calm in Indonesia

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Well, I’ve been meaning to write lots of posts for some time now but whenever I seemed to get around to it something else would grab my attention or life got in the way. Throw in an existential blogging crisis of sorts – was it really worth creating more content for an already oversaturated market? – and then next thing you know it’s been nearly a full year since I last wrote a blog post. So I’m getting back into blogging with these photos from my trip to Indonesia last year. A few days in Bali and a few weeks in Bandung to visit family. While I didn’t get up to many touristy things this time around, I did soak up the colour, chaos, and pockets of calm of everyday life in South-East Asia.

The Chaos

There’s no denying that city life in South-East Asia is on another level. I think the only time I saw streets practically empty was when I was driving to the airport before dawn. For someone who likes order and structure, the chaotic energy (not to mention congestion) of the streets of Bandung can be anxiety inducing. However, once you surrender to it you end up finding some sort of method to the madness.

The Colour

Because white paint is boring, right? From the brightly coloured shop fronts to the daily offerings on the streets of Bali, there’s an abundance of colour inspo to be found.

The Calm

Despite all the chaos, pockets of calm can still be found in the big cities. Whether it’s NuArt Sculpture Park up in the hills of Bandung, or cafes such as Please Please Please and Mimiti Coffee + Space, there are plenty of places that allow you to take a time out from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Gardens at Nu Art Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia.
Gardens at NuArt Sculpture Park after the rain.
Always on the hunt for cute cafes – Please Please Please in Bandung became a firm favourite thanks to its emphasis on pink, plants, and Wes Anderson references.
The outdoor area at Mimiti Coffee & Space.
The gardens at Melia Bali.
A visual representation of me 80% of this trip.

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