In Bed AW2018 Ross Farm Campaign

Does sleeping count as a hobby? If not, it should because it would be a hobby that I would undoubtedly excel in. The AW2018 campaign by In Bed, shot at Ross Farm, is my idea of sleepy heaven. It’s all muted neutrals and soft golden light that evokes a feeling of languid weekend mornings. Side note – did anyone else hear about the study that apparently suggested that sleeping in on weekends might help you live longer? To cut a long story short – the headlines being thrown around were a lot more click-baity than the research suggested (i.e. it’s all about balance). Anyway, In Bed’s latest collection comprises of products that not only cover the scope of bedding but dining, bathing, and living as well. So you can incorporate these comforting textiles into all aspects of your life. Snoozing has never looked so good. 


Images: Terence Chin via Flaunter