Kester Black Mardi Gras Nail Polish

I was looking in my nail polish drawer the other day (yes, I have a whole drawer full of nail polishes) and came to the conclusion that my favourite categories of nail polish were “glitter” and “purple”. Kester Black’s recent Mardi Gras collection fell into both categories and I am, frankly, here for it. Inspired by the classic Australian film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the nail polishes are aptly named Priscilla and To Wong Foo. The glittery magenta Priscilla just screams “hello, I’m here to PARTY” and the ultraviolet To Wong Foo is a super stylish way to jump on board the Pantone Colour of the Year bandwagon.


Priscilla (and Stone)

I felt that the glitter was a bit flat on a bare nail so layered it on top of a white base. I don’t have the patience for fancy nail art like patterns and stencilled shapes. However, I think creating an ombre effect with the glitter would be cool.


To Wong Foo

It’s actually slightly deeper hue than in the photo above but because of the lighting in the room I couldn’t quite capture it. I also really like the consistency of this polish. I’ve used two coats here but one coat also provides ample coverage. Also, how do people give themselves immaculate manicures and manage to take photos of hands that don’t make them look weird? Tell me your secrets.


You can purchase Kester Black polishes online or through their stockists.


These were gifted samples, however, all content is my own.