Scent Spotlight: Cinderose by Boy Smells

Hello, it’s me again! Owner and sometimes content contributor of this URL. Am I just talking to myself? Yelling into the void? Probably. This space, despite me continuing to renew the URL year in and out, has been quite neglected for the past… two years. Whoops. But you know, things like work and global pandemics—among other things—tend to get in the way of blogging. I was thinking of crafting a post that was an appropriate, sensitive re-introduction into blogging after such a long hiatus but in the end thought “stuff it”. So here’s a post with my current scent obssessions: Cinderose by Boy Smells and fragrant roses (Queen of Sweden for those playing at home). I am nothing if not entirely predictable. It’s good to be back.

Candle from Mecca, roses from my garden.