The Search for the Ultimate Black Tote Bag

I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for the ultimate everyday black tote bag for work. You know the one – a black tote bag that’s not like the other tote bags. Something minimal and stylish, but still practical for toting around everything you may need for the day. The key features I specifically look out for include minimal hardware, barely visible logos (if any) and, most importantly, it must not be the traditional tote shape (see: Louis Vuitton Neverfull or Longchamp Le Pliage). It also has to be big enough to fit a laptop, emotional support water bottle, snacks, on-the-go everyday makeup, 2958 lipsticks/balms/glosses, and anything else that may accumulate throughout the day.

My current work bag is the ‘Bridie’ leather shopper from Assembly Label. It has a sturdy design, fits a 14 inch MacBook Pro, and comes with a zippered pouch. The only thing that’s missing is, in my opinion, a zip closure at the top (R.I.P. to all the items I’ve lost because they weren’t secured in the zippered pouch).

Because the search for the ultimate black tote bag never ends, below are a few more styles I’ve got my eye on.

Loewe Puzzle Tote
(out of my budget but never out of my dreams)

The Black Tote Bag Edit