Shoot: Indonesian Instagram Diary

Hello again! I mentioned in my last post – some 3 weeks ago – that I was off to Indonesia for a holiday of sorts. I was visiting family so was largely based in Bandung. While I had intended to update the blog with travel posts while overseas, the internet situation was much worse than I had anticipated. I was mainly limited to mobile internet – namely Instagram and Snapchat. Plus, who really wants to be sitting at a computer when on holiday? Now I’ve just got to sort through and edit a tonne of photos while also recovering from a stupid post-holiday cold. I’ll be back with photo diaries and travelling tidbits in the coming days but in them meantime these are just a few of my favourite shots that you may or may not have already seen over on my Instagram

11 thoughts on “Shoot: Indonesian Instagram Diary

  1. I think I liked all of your photos on Instagram! I'm going to Bali in a few weeks and can't wait for a relaxing holiday. Indonesia looks beautiful (but I don't expect where I'm going will be as naturally spectacular!)

    1. Trust me there was a lot of gritty city stuff – crazy traffic, pollution, crowds etc. but that's just not as photogenic, right?

      Enjoy your Bali trip! I'm regretting not squeezing in an extra few days there while in the country.

  2. Your photos look absolutely incredible! I spend a week or so in Indonesia a few weeks back, my second time there this year, and loved it just as much.

    I'm with you in that I wish I didn't have to spend a holiday glued to my computer screen, but alas, tis usually the case! #bloggerlyf

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