Skincare Products I’m Using This Winter

My Winter Skincare Products
I’ve finally emerged from my winter blogging hibernation. Long story short, I decided to move my blog over to self-hosted WordPress. By the time that whole shebang was sorted the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on blogging. Anyway, now that’s all sorted (for the most part) I thought it would be nice to ease back into things with a little round up of skincare products I’ve been religiously using over winter. Not that we experience drastic temperature extremes here in Queensland that would affect my skin that much. But I do tend to pay a little more attention to my skin in the drier winter months. I’m also more open to adding ‘richer’ products like oils and serums to my skincare routine. These are the skincare products I’m loving lately.


Go-To Properly Clean

I’ve been meaning to try out Go-To products for a while now. However, as their products are only available online I was hesitant to buy them without physically testing them out first. After a recommendation from a friend I finally bit the bullet and bought the Properly Clean facial cleanser, among other things. I’m particularly fond of this cleanser. It seems to leave my skin feeling super squeaky clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Properly clean, indeed.


Natio Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50+

I’ve previously written about my preference for physical sunscreens, however, in winter I find them extra drying on my skin. I’ve been using this Natio SPF 50+ moisturiser and I’m finding that I’m less likely to skip applying sunscreen when using a lightweight formula like this one. Any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen in my books. I apply it to clean skin after washing my face in the morning. Sometimes I’ll skip the day cream but if my skin feels particularly dry afterwards I’ll pop some moisturiser on as well.


Go-To Face Hero

In hindsight I should have just forked out for the entire Go-To skincare range. I cannot fault the ones that I have. This facial oil is a dream. It’s rich and feels super nourishing but is still fairly lightweight. It also smells divine. I apply it at night – either by massaging it into my skin before applying moisturiser or by adding a few drops and mixing it into my night cream.


Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream

I’ve been using this day cream for well over a year now. It’s light enough to wear during summer but hydrating enough to wear in winter. The cost of a bottle is a bit of a hit to the hip pocket but I find that a little goes a long way and it ends up lasting several months.


Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream

I haven’t been the most diligent about using night creams. I thought I would start by picking up this affordable tub at the pharmacy. The cream is richer than a day cream which I guess is what you want out of a night cream. It seems to be doing the trick but to be honest I haven’t really noticed that much of a difference yet. Although maybe I will in ten or twenty years’ time! Skincare… it’s all about the long game, right?


What skincare products are you loving right now?


My Winter Skincare Products