Caves Collect AW16

In Queensland, the start of autumn isn’t really marked by the change in weather (it’s still sunshiney and as humid as ever) but by all the autumn/winter collections dropping in stores. Here I am still looking for lightweight linen and cotton tops and all I can see in stores is racks upon racks of knitwear. All this thinking about cooler weather is enough to get me reassessing my transitional wardrobe. The AW16 collection from Melbourne-based Caves Collect has me pretty excited for even the slightest hint of chill in the air. The collection is made up of a bunch of  transitional pieces and classic wardrobe staples. And skivvies. Lots of skivvies. As someone who flat out refused to wear skivvies as a child I am totally open to review my stance on such matters if they look as stylish as this. Caves Collect is currently only available via their website and all clothing and leather goods are made to order.

Images: Caves Collect

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