The Galentine’s Posy

It’s no secret that I love a good bunch of flowers. When the season’s particularly good (hello spring with all your beautiful poppies and peonies and what-have-you) it’s entirely possible for me to spend a large chunk of my monthly budget on assorted flora. Responsible adult-ing? I highly doubt it. Anyway, I’m thinking of starting a series where I share my latest floral fancies. The current edition is courtesy of a Galentine’s Day posy from a friend. Consisting of Geraldton wax, sea holly (yes I did just google image search “spiky flowers” to find out what they were called) and eucalyptus leaves, this is a dry-ish assortment that will last a fair while. Which is a major plus because there’s nothing worse than buying a fresh bunch of flowers only for them to wilt away after a day or so. Also, everything looks better in a Lovestar sparkle heart vase.