DIY Quartz Topped Container

Quartz Topped Container
I’m a collector, and I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA to collect minerals or anything that comes from the earth. My grandma had a massive collection of shells and coral, my dad collected rocks (because geology), and I collect all of the shells/coral/crystal things. In most cases they just end up gathering dust on a shelf so I thought I could come up with some other way to put them on display. The end result was this easy quartz-topped container. Perfect for storing an assortment of objects, or maybe even more crystals.

What you’ll need
– Container of your choosing (this was an old Ferrero Rocher container but you can find similar ones at Kmart etc.)
– Crystal (mine is a clear quartz point from Feel Crystals)
– Wire
– Strong glue (I used super glue but you could also use epoxy or other kinds depending on your choice of materials)
– Wire cutting scissors

The process was as simple as wrapping the crystal in wire, securing the wire, and then gluing the crystal to the container. Because the wire on the bottom of the crystal created an uneven surface, gluing was a bit messy but it all worked out in the end. I chose to wrap it in wire to make the clear quartz stand out against the clear container. If you want to save yourself some hassle (and very scratched up hands) just glue the crystal straight onto the container. You’ll want the bond to be strong enough to use the crystal as a handle. I ended up using my container as storage for my lipsticks.

Also, photographing clear things was one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever had. I pretty much gave up after a while.

Quartz DIY
Quartz DIY
Quartz Topped Container
Quartz Topped Container

This post is in partnership with Feel Crystals. Content and ideas are my own.

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